Surrey Hills Coffee - Filter Cottage Blend

Type: Coffee

Whole Beans
Ground - Coarse (Cafetière/Cold Brew)
Ground - Medium-Coarse (Pour Over)
Ground - Medium (Machine Drip)
Ground - Fine (Espresso/Moka Pot)
Ground - Extra Fine (Turkish Coffee Pot)

A scandi style filter coffee. Medium roasted by hand in Abinger Hammer, Surrey. Perfect for a coffee break any time of the day. 

They created this blend remembering coffees they had in Sweden (where they are from).

It is a medium roasted mild coffee, still with lots of flavour. It is a blend and the exact content varies depending on what is suitable  at the moment.  It always consist high quality coffee from Brazil and Colombia.

Taste profile: Pleasant, with a fruity aftertaste.

It is designed for filter coffee but can be enjoyed as espresso as well. As espresso it is light roasted with a pleasant acidity.