Surrey Hills Coffee - Filter Blackheath Blend

Type: Coffee

Whole Beans
Ground - Coarse (Cafetière/Cold Brew)
Ground - Medium-Coarse (Pour Over)
Ground - Medium (Machine Drip)
Ground - Fine (Espresso/Moka Pot)
Ground - Extra Fine (Turkish Coffee Pot)

A dark blend with an extra kick!

This blend is created as a traditional dark roasted filter coffee with a modern twist. It contains dark roasted Brazilian coffee for body and strength and East African medium roasted coffee to round it off and give it a floral hint. 

The coffee used is always 100% Arabica of high quality. The content varies slightly depending on what coffee is in season. Even though it is a dark roasted blend, it has kept its unique character.

It is suitable for any coffee brewing method, and is aimed for those who likes a coffee with a punch!