Spice Kitchen -Indian spice Tin

Type: Gifts

This tin is at the core of our range and the foundation on which Spice Kitchen was built! When customers find out they can make every single curry with the nine spices contained, they quickly realise it’s a must-have! And with increasing numbers of Indian chefs on TV using the traditional Indian Spice Tin, customers are on the lookout for where they can get their hands on one. If you choose only one tin for your shop, let it be this one!

Garam Masala (20g)* • Kashmiri Chilli Powder (20g) • Cumin Seeds (20g) • Ground Coriander (20g) • MUSTARD SEEDS (20g) • Turmeric Powder (20g) • Cassia Bark (5 g) • Cardamom (3g) • Cloves (1g)