South Devon - All In One Chilli Growing Kit

Type: Chilli seeds
The All-In-One Growing Kit

This kit is a new and improved version of their original, best-selling and high star-rating "one-pot kit" - it has been revamped with new funky graphics, new compost and feed and a lower price!

All you need to grow your own chilli house plant - just add water and sunshine.

This easy-to-use kit will guide you from seed to mature fruiting plant with no pricking-out or transplanting and the chillies can then be used in your hot food recipes.

The kit contains:

- 1Ltr plastic pot
- 1Ltr coir compost (100% peat-free) + slow-release plant food
- 5 Apache chilli seeds (option to select different chilli variety - see below)
- Clear plastic propagator lid
- Plant label
- Full Instructions