Solkiki - Milkless Milk Chocolate 49%

Type: Chocolate

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During chocolate’s first 250 years in Europe, through the 1600, 1700 and 1800’s, the elite softened their chocolate with almonds and coconut. Nestle in 1856 used powdered cows milk because it was much cheaper and it had the added ‘benefit’ of inhibiting flavour perception… dairy hides the flaws found in low grade cacao and poorly made chocolate… perfect for Nestle’s exploitative operation.

We reclaim plant-based chocolate as it always was and will always be: sweet, smooth, plant-based and creamy… authentic, traditional chocolatey milk chocolate. Only one Ecuadorian cacao earned the Cacao of Excellence award 2019. This competition runs every 2 years and identifies the World’s Top 50 estates. We’re using that excellent cacao here.