Smokey Carter - Carolina BBQ Sauce


This is a typically sour type of BBQ sauce thanks to the high vinegar & mustard content in true South Carolina tradition. The sourness however is offset perfectly by the sweet molasses of the treacle and smokiness of the chipotle to give all you could ever want from a BBQ sauce. In terms of chilli it is actually very mild so don't expect enough of a kick if you are a serious chilli-head.
Sweet, tangy and spicy. Perfect with pulled pork, ribs, chicken, burgers and all things BBQ. Great as a marinade or a mopping sauce. Mix into a little mayonnaise for a tasty dip.Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, tomato, water, brown sugar, cider vinegar, onion, bourbon, treacle, honey, garlic, chipotle chilli, Worcester sauce, mustard, smoke extract, glucose syrup, maize starch, acidity regulator, spice extracts, spices.