Noveltea - The tale of Oolong, Oolong tea with Whisky 700ml

Type: Spirits

Our aim is to take you on a culinary journey, combining teas, spirits and botanicals from around the world to produce a unique, ready-to-drink alcoholic tea blend.

The Tale of Oolong blends together Formosa Oolong Tea, Green Tea, jasmine flowers, red rose petals, papaya and mango flakes into a floral mix, deliciously enriched with Scotch Whisky.

Evoking ancient tea traditions, our rich and fragrant Oolong flavour brings a natural sweetness, with floral traces of jasmine and rose petals complemented perfectly by the soft and fruity notes of our Scottish Whisky Blend. Delicious straight from the bottle (although we do at least recommend a glass), The Tale of Oolong also makes a fantastic cocktail ingredient.