Natural wines Vini Sassara - Chiaretto Ciaro 2020 (75cl) Still Rosé

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Type: Wine

Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara 11% ABV | Unfiltered | Wild yeast | No added sulphites

Light, dry, crisp, mineral, succulent, clementine.

Situated just outside Verona, in the Morainic Hills near Lake Garda, Vini Sassara is a new project from longtime natural winemakers Alessia and Stefano Bertaiola. With a background in agricultural research and development, Alessia joined forces with third-generation winemaker Stefano more than a decade ago and together they farm a 10-hectare site that has been in Stefano’s family for 50 years. This is Bardolino country, a DOC in the Veneto region most famous for its Valpolicella-style light reds and rosé wines. But being natural winemakers, Alessia and Stefano are less concerned with what conventional winemakers are doing in the area and instead have set out to show what the indigenous grapes and Bardolino terroir are capable of when allowed to express themselves naturally.