Liberty Fields - Porter's Perfection Vodka 350ml

Type: Spirits

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We make our vodka by carefully combining the juice of the heritage apple, Porter’s Perfection, with British wheat grain spirit, adding botanicals, then distilling, and adding local spring water. This results in a really smooth, clean vodka, with a delicate, subtle taste of apples when served neat over ice.

It makes an incredibly refreshing vodka and tonic when mixed with a Mediterranean tonic, which allows the apple taste to shine through. Serve with a slice of fresh ginger and apple.

We use Porter’s Perfection apples, a rare local heritage variety first identified in 1905, partly because their distinct taste beautifully complements the vodka, and partly because we feel it is important to find modern uses for the rarer heritage varieties. Using them in this way helps ensure their survival in the future – we have planted 38 and have just grafted another 24 trees in our orchard.