Liberty Fields - Apple Dessert Cider

Type: Sweet Cider

This come in a 345 ml bottle, and is made solely from the apples grown in our orchards, with no additives, chemicals or sugar. Because we use no fining agents, it is naturally cloudy and can throw a slight sediment. 

Sweet Cider, perfect on its own, in cocktails or cooking. 

This – we hope – clarifies that it’s something which is a brilliant accompaniment to puddings, cake or mince pies, or a plate of cheese (as well as a drink that you can combine with spirits, prosecco or mixers to make a longer drink). And it’s only 7% alcohol too.

Cooking with Dessert Cider

Drizzle it over a really good vanilla icecream.

Making pancakes? Dessert Cider, thick double cream, and sliced apples fried gently in butter until they caramelise.

Use with a tarte tatin or blackberry and apple crumble.

Make a glaze to go with good butchers sausages, or add a splash to your onion gravy.

Baking a cake? Try experimenting with adding Dessert Cider to the buttercream or icing!