Kadode Kampot Peppercorns - Fermented Fresh Green

Type: Spices

Kadode Kampot Peppercorns - Fermented Fresh Green is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Unlike any peppercorn you’ve tasted before ! Rare and very limited supply per harvest.

They have mastered a natural process to ferment their green Kampot peppercorns to produce this amazing peppercorns. Capturing the true essence of fresh green peppercorns from the vine.

Perfect for snacking, seasoning and sauces and much more.

Juicy, with slight crunch, smooth heat and a salty & sweet balance - bathed in their Kampot fleur de sel (flower of sea salt) to act as an additional preservative and flavouring. Or simply wash the salt off gently before using in cooking.

Once opened store in a sealed container or the original pack in the fridge.