Grim Reaper - Jekyll or Hyde

Type: Hot Sauce
From the producer

You decide the heat in this potentially insanely hot chilli sauce - This baby was invented for a bacon sarnie and pulled pork and is a firm favourite in the Reapers fridge. Only the finest red jalapenos are taken to be chipotle chillies, they are left on the plant to the last moment, and smoked for a good 24 hours. They can be hot or cold smoked, and then dehydrated. Ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 SHU they aren't the punch of a Serrano, but the flavour is what you are looking for, and this sauce packs it in. Not enough heat for you, I thought of that too! Dr Jekyll as you know turned himself insane with a potion, so with this version, you get 1/2 million SHU chilli extract in a dropper bottle, which enables you to carry out your own experiments in regard to heating your sauce to the border of insanity! A family of four can enjoy the same sauce at different heat levels by heating their own portion!

Jekyll or Hyde...You Decide

150mls/3.4floz + 5mls/0.165floz


Red Peppers, Cyder Vinegar, Water, Chipotle Chilli, Red Onion, Garlic, Salt, Oil.