Flaming Licks - Orange BBQ Killer Wing Sauce Pouch 120ml

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BB. 4/20


Douse 12 wings with our Orange Pop Pop BBQ sauce containing fermented Carolina Reaper (laced with pepper extract), Orange Habanero and Trinidad Scorpion. Oh, and orange juice. Believe me, there's enough fire in this to boil an ocean (and your guts).


Orange Pop Pop BBQ Sauce - Tomato ketchup (tomato paste, liquid sugar, white vinegar, salt, onion powder, spices), Orange juice from concentrate (orange juice from concentrate, water, citric acid, preservatives (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), sucralose, flavourings, gum arabic) (15%), Cider vinegar, Orange Habanero chilli mash (chillies, salt) (10%), Trinidad Scorpion chilli mash (chillies, salt, acetic adic) (10%), Clear honey, Orange marmalade (glucose-fructose syrup, oranges (peel 1%), sugar; gelling agent: pectin; acidity regulators: citric acid and sodium citrate) (9%), Dark brown sugar, Extreme Carolina Reaper chilli mash (Carolina Reaper (70%), vinegar, salt, Oleoresin Capsicum (1%)) (3.0%), Worcestershire sauce (water, sugar, cane molasses, salt, spirit vinegar, tamarind concentrate, concentrated lemon juice, Worcester sauce flavouring (water, spirit vinegar, sugar, molasses, ginger, salt, tamarind paste, onion, black pepper, capsicum, ginger, clove, garlic), Garlic powder, Gluten free soy sauce (water, salt, soy bean, corn flour, sugar, preservative: E202), Mustard powder, Orange essential oil (0.05%).

Suitable for vegetarians.