Dr Burnorium's - Psycho Loco Russian Roulette Game - Standard Edition


Psycho Loco is a strategic card game for 2-5 players.

A betting element adds a serious competitive edge when played for real money. Winning is everything. The loser has to eat one of the Russian Roulette Chocolate Bullets, some of which are plain ‘blank rounds’ and some of which are ‘live rounds’ laced with extreme chilli heat. No backing out. You lose, you bite the bullet. Players bet on how many of their cards they can match to the target Psycho Dice over five rounds. The winner of each round acquires all wagered Betting Bones as well as an all important Skull Token. Winning is everything. The player with the fewest Skull Tokens at the end of the game must risk the pain of eating a Russian Roulette Chocolate Bullet, some of which are plain 'blank rounds' and some of which are 'live rounds' laced with enough chilli heat to melt your face off.