Dorset Spice Shed - WoodFire seasoning

Type: Seasoning

From the producer

A gutsy seasoning with hickory smoke, smokey chipotle and aromatics on a base of sea-salt. We've used this one mostly blended with butter which helps bring out the best in it - so for rubbing under the skin and inside a roast chicken, blobbed onto steak and chips, in a cheese sauce and in mac'n'cheese. It's great with mashed spuds, mashed parsnips and spud and parsnip soup. For vegans add to mashed butter beans or mashed veg made with an alternative to butter. That's as far as we've got. Anything you come up with - let us know.



Sea-salt (84%), garlic, roast garlic, black pepper, wild mushroom (boletus luteus), sage, savoury herb, chipotle powder, natural hickory smoke flavour

Blended and packed in the UK

Intended for use as a seasoning