Fossil Fuel Flamin' hot espresso chilli rub

Type: BBQ rub

From the producer

Give steaks, brisket or even chilli-con-carne a shot of espresso with our wide-awake rub. Real Italian fine-ground coffee helps tenderise your meat - especially slow-cook cuts - and helps make a delicious crust. Expect plenty of heat from our gorgeous oak-smoked hot paprika plus cayenne plus a touch of Scotch Bonnet. Usage guidance one teaspoon per each side of steak - rest before BBQ or griddle. For a beef joint allow one tablespoon per kilo of meat. Made by hand exclusively to our own recipe.


Garlic, salt, paprika, sugar, espresso coffee (10%), chilli flake, cumin, hot oak-smoked paprika, onion, cayenne, scotch bonnet chilli.