Cool Chile - Chile New Mexico


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Chile New Mexico is a mild chilli with a clean heat.

Cultivated in the south western US state of New Mexico, these earthy, zesty chillies define New Mexican cuisine and when dried, are often used to make the region’s popular and distinctive red sauce.

  • Cherry colour
  • Smooth + equal skin to flesh ratio
  • Notes of: hay + dried fruit

  • Heatscale


  • Origin

  • Serving Suggestion

    Make a red sauce (‘Chile Colorado’) by deseeding and destemming New Mexico chillies then adding to a pan with garlic, onion and Mexican oregano and enough water to cover. Boil for 10 minutes then drain and blend with a splash of water adding vinegar and salt to taste. Stew braising beef in the sauce until tender, or fold through eggs before scrambling.

  • Ingredients

    Chile New Mexican Red 100%

  • Preparation

    Lightly toast then rehydrate New Mexico chillies to release their flavour. Wipe clean and remove stems and seeds. Open out flat and toast briefly in a dry pan on a medium heat until fragrant, then soak in just boiled water for 15 minutes. Drain and blend to a paste with a splash of water, then strain through a sieve before using. Always wash your hands after handling chillies!

    Keep in a cool dry place for storage.

  • Allergy Advice

    Please note this item may contain traces of nuts and sesame.