Conker Spirit - Girls Who Grind Cold Brew liqueur

Type: Spirits

'Guest Roaster Limited Edition

 Girls Who Grind Coffee, the all-female speciality coffee roastery based in the wild South-West of England.  As they put it;

‘We’re here to do two things. Create awesome tasting coffee and empower women in the coffee industry.’

This bright and fruity coffee liqueur is made with GWGC’s Kirindera Women’s Peace Coffee from the Virunga National Park, Congo. With a light temperature roast and our gentle cold brewing process, this Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is incredibly moreish with a complex coffee journey on the palate.

Think of this more like a wine: pour it into a wine glass, over ice if you like, and enjoy! It’s beautiful to sip and not too sweet so that you can really taste the coffee.

Girls Who Grind Coffee source speciality coffees exclusively from female producers, and those who work to support them, even donating a percentage of sales revenues to the cause.'