Chilli Mash Co - Naga Chilli Pickle


Naga Chilli Pickle | 190ml | Chilli Mash Company | Bangladeshi Style Chilli Pickle

 ‘A Bangladeshi Style Pickle’ – A very spicy traditional ‘Bangladeshi style’ chilli pickle with Naga (Bhut Jolokia / ghost chilli / ghost pepper), a blend of asian spices and Scotch Bonnet Chilli Pepper mash. Say hello to the UK’s answer to Mr Naga. If you like your Indian / Bangladeshi home cooked recipe’s to pack a punch, this is the ultimate cooking ingredient. Bursting with heat & flavour, this chilli pickle is the perfect zesty way to spicy up any South Asian cooking. Like it a little hotter? Simply add an extra spoonful (or two) of this fiery Ghost Pepper Sauce! Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly. No colourings, artificial preservatives or nasties. Made entirely from ingredients which do not naturally contain allergens