Chilli Mash Co - Carolina Reaper Chilli Puree

Type: chilli puree

Carolina Reaper Chilli Puree | 41ml | Chilli Mash Company | Worlds Hottest Chilli Paste

Use sparingly – this product contains over 60% Carolina Reaper chilli (Worlds hottest chilli). An extremely spicy cooking paste – World’s Hottest Chilli Puree.

Chilli Puree made from the world’s hottest chilli, designed to be used in place of fresh chilli to give your food a great kick.

Use this chilli puree sparingly to cook a super hot chilli con carne, a nuclear spaghetti bolognese or a ballistic burrito.

At 2,200,000 Scovilles (SHU), the Carolina Reaper (Or HP22B chilli) is the hottest chilli in the world. Containing over 60% Carolina Reaper, this product is not one for the faint hearted and makes an excellent gift.