Chilli Mash co - Akarusho banana wine


From the producer

Akarusho Banana Wine is a sweet wine made from a single variety of East African Bananas.
A thirst quenching, it’s excellent refresher on a warm day or when drunk as a dessert tipple. If feeling adventurous, it’s also a fantastic base for a tropical cocktail. No artificial ingredients or nasties in this product.

Made in the mountainous Rwanda, just south of the equator, Akarusho is brewed to perfection by Sina Rwanda.

The bananas used to make this product are purchased from local farmers, providing them work and also valuable skills in best agricultural practices.

Akarusho Banana Wines’ unique flavour requires that every batch brewed from a single type of banana. These bananas must all be picked at exactly the same point of maturity before being ripened.

The bananas are then crushed, by which time, sorghum is added and yeast.

A short 7 day fermentation takes place, after which the banana wine is transferred to barrels for an 6 month ageing process.
During the ageing process, the sediments settle to the bottom of the barrels thus giving a better quality of product.

This product is then filtered again for impurities and a fructometer is used to check the sugar content of the wine. A ph test and alcohol check are also made at this stage before the wine is bottled.

This product contains alcohol and is not to be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Please enjoy this product and drink responsibly. Always drink in moderation.