Chicken Rex Jurassic BBQ Rub

Type: Seasoning

Make bbq chicken or oven-roast chicken - or just pan-fried chicken breast - super-delicious with a rub or a dust of our zingy, citrussy, ginger-infused chicken rub. Totally ideal for people on high-protein diets featuring chicken, chicken and chicken. Time to ring the changes and get some flavour going! Easy to use, sticks well and it's v, v tasty. If you've got the time then for a tender chicken experience blend with yoghurt and marinade chicken chunks or breasts overnight. Next day shake off any excess marinade and fry till golden. The yoghurt and spices will have helped the chicken along so cook for slightly less time than usual but always check all pink has gone before serving.

Ingredients: Sugar, garlic, salt, basil, ginger, onion, paprika, cumin, lemon zest, cayenne