Number One Sauce - #1 Hot Sauce

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Type: Hot Sauce

From the seller

I first travelled to Mexico 10 years ago on a mission  to create a hot sauce to rival Tabasco.

Eating and adventuring all over Mexico, I eventually found myself in rural Yucatan, where I met a community of chilli farmers, an elderly nun, and Fidel Castro's ex-personal rum maker; it was these people who helped me create the sauce of sauces

I shipped 500 bottles of the stuff back to the UK screen-printed with a big fat #1. 

They were snapped up by the likes of Honest Burgers, Street Feast and Partridges. 

Made with habanero peppers and a secret blend of spices, #1 HOT is an all-purpose hot sauce you can slap on just about anything.

We now make it in Mexico City, where I live with my girlfriend, Sandra, and her big Mexican family.

An authentic modern classic, #1 HOT is the numero uno.

Arlo Tickner