About us

Seriously good food and drink

Running Wimborne Chilli Shop between 2016 and 2018 gave us the opportunity to meet and work with the most amazing British artisans. Inspired by their stories and our own desire to make a positive impact, we set out to create a new type of food and drink retailer.

Committed to supporting local, small batch producers and ethical brands, we're on a mission to help our suppliers make a real difference to our community and planet. Check out the range we've sourced of the most incredible food and drink including:

  • Craft beers, craft ciders
  • English wines and spirits
  • Chilli sauces, BBQ and spicy products
  • Beer snacks and chocolates
  • Fine teas and coffees

Want to know more about our journey? Find out more in our blog post here.


Meet the Team 

Farehouse Trading meet the team Erika

Erika - Co-founder & CEO

Erika co-founded Farehouse Trading with James, with the vision of working with brands who do good. She obsesses around how to bring these amazing brands and products to the British and world-wide population.

 Farehouse Trading Meet the team James

James - Co-founder

James is the reason we exist. Launching his first hot sauce, Sidekick, back in 2015, he is the man behind the great ideas, including expanding from hot sauces to local craft products. A passionate foodie, he will eat and try just about anything.