Craft beers doing good in the world

Craft beers doing good in the world

Craft beers doing good in the world

Beer is good. Beer is great in fact. And beer that not only tastes good but also gives something back is even better.

We will always prioritise brands who have a social purpose, which is why we are excited to stock craft beers from these 4 breweries: Brewgooder, Crumbs, Good Things Brewing and Stroud Brewery. Check out how each is good whilst brewing great beers!



Since 2016 when they launched, Brewgooder have it as their mission to provide clean water to 1,000,000 people by donating 100% of their profits to clean water charities. They partnered with Brewdog Brewery, who actually brew their lager and have, since their launch, helped more than 33,000 people in Malawi. They won’t stop until they reach their 1,000,000 target, and we will support them and drink to that!


Brewgooder Lager

The people at Crumbs Brewing wanted to help combat food waste, so they partnered up with a local bakery in Reigate, Surrey, to make their beers from their leftover artisan bread. Each of their beers is made with a different loaf, creating their own individual style and character.

They’ve certainly got a delicious range, our favourites being the Bloomin’ Amber Lager, brewed using Surrey Bloomer breadcrumbs, and the Sourdough Pale Ale, brewed using the zesty loaf.


Crumbs Brewery


Good Things Brewing mission is clear. To make good beer in a fully sustainable brewery, which means being completely energy efficient, with everything being recycled or reused, from water to grain. With sustainability being such a hot topic, we fully support their cause, and most of all, fully enjoy their Pale Ale and IPA.


Good Things Brewing


Greg Pilley, founder of Stroud Brewery, had a vision to brew delicious beer with integrity and to help support the community, the environment and other local businesses. Stroud produce some amazing beers which are brewed to organic standards and are certified by the Soil Association. They are also a certified B-Corporation, meaning they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, It’s a win for us who enjoy their beers, in particular their Cherry Stout. Bottoms up!

Stroud Brewery

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